21st Century Toys M5 Stuart Tank
1/6th Scale Radio Control
Custom Paintball Conversion - Winter Camo Model


The Winter Camo Stuart in Action

12mb Windows Media File

Updated December 05




Specifications & Options

  • Futaba 6YG-FM 6-channel 75mhz (Ground) Radio System
  • Custom skid-steer mixer with proportional speed - works in forward & reverse
  • Splatmatic .40 caliber Paintball marker
  • 40 round paintball magazine
  • Complete operating sound effects (start & idle, running, turret, MG fire, cannon fire)
  • Operating headlamps (toggle MG three times to switch lamps on/off)
  • Marker elevates and depresses, turret rotates
  • Single 12v 7ah power source with charger included

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Note the operating headlamps

Side view of the paintball magazine and elevation servo

Trigger servo. Note marker barrel extension to replicate original cannon.

Mantlet detail. Turret top is easily removed to service the C02 cylinder. Just slide the mantlet forward and remove the single hex screw.

Futaba receiver and custom mixer module mounted in the turret

Paintballs are loaded into the mag through the top hatches

Mixer power on LED shown to the left of the open hatchs

Inside the Stuart. Nice clean electronics installation

The solid state relays (SSRs) used in combination with the custom skid-steer mixer for proportional speed control

Included new Futaba 6YG ground freq radio system with receiver and required servos