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March '06

As of January 2010 mods and parts are no longer available for the RC STUART Tank.



Need a way to actuate headlight, taillights, smoke generators, or anyting else on your stock RC Stuart or Abrams Tank? The SWITCH will do it. The SWITCH is a self-contained microcontroller that attaches to the stock receiver decoder IC and toggles on and off when the machine gun 'fire' button is pushed on and off three times rapidly. The SWITCH will drive a couple of LEDs directly or, with the addition of a relay, drive just about anything. The SWITCH draws it's low power requirement from the tank's receiver. The switch 'grounds' either 5v or 12v and will sink (control) up to 200mA. Check out the circuits below for more details.

The MG fire effect is used as normal. To actuate your device, push the MG fire 3 times within 1.5 seconds. Press the MG fire 3 times again to turn it off.

The SWITCH is $25 in the US and includes shipping.




Only 3 wires are attached to the Stuart to use The SWITCH
  Using The SWITCH...  

3.8Mb Windows Media File

2Mb Windows Media File

2Mb Windows Media File
Installing The SWITCH
Clear LEDs used to implement headlights in the Stuart
The SWITCH in operation. Use the MG as usual. Three rapid bursts turn the lights on, three more turn them off.

Circuits to use The SWITCH for Headlamps
27mhz Stuart
49mhz Stuart & Abrams