TC's Bearhawk Pics and Progress - 2011    



Jan - Feb 2011: Painting, Closing Wings

Painting the Fuselage & Tailfeathers

Riveting Wing Skins

March 2011: Finishing Paint

Conversion Coating the Wings

Finishing up Riveting

Painting the Wings

Building the Engine Baffles

April 2011: Re-hanging the Engine

Completing Baffles, Alodine & Priming

Air Intake

Exhaust Hangers

Cowl Gills

May 2011: Doing the Wiring

Finishing the Cowl

Plumbing & Wiring

Checking Toe-in

Oil Cooler

Nav and Strobe Lights

June 2011: Finishing Wiring, Working Trim

Autopilot Servo Mounts

Instrument Panel

Landing Light & Nosebowl Completion

Side Window Frames


July 2011: Interior Details, Fairings

Seats and Upholstery

Kick Panels


Door & Window Painting

Wingtips & Nosebowl Painting

August 2011: All the details...

Mounting the Prop and Spinner

Cowling Doors

Fairings and Cuffs

Finishing all the Painting

September 2011: Moving to the Airport

Painting and Installing the Top Cowl

Final Trim Details

Getting Ready to Fly!

October 2011: Final Tests & Flying

Fuel Flow Testing

Airworthiness Inspection

First Flights