TC's Bearhawk Pics April - December 2008


Trim wheel access cover.

Trim wheel & chain above fabric.

Sheet metal "window" for the fuel sight gage.

Aluminum flange was made to match the curvature of the door frame to the boot cowl.

Door latch detail.

Fitting up the door skin to the boot cowl.

Stainless trim on the bottom of the rear door frame.

Stainless trim on the pass. door frame.

Aluminum angle correcting the door curvature.

Door latch cover made from stainless.

Pass. door latch prior to covering the door.

Rear view of the pilots door after fabric.

Rear pass. door skin during installation.

Cargo door fitted and covered.

Headliner in cockpit after PolySpray.

PolySpraying the cockpit prior to flocking.

Cockpit Door after flocking.

Front doors after flocking.

Flocked cargo door.

Rear pass. door after flocking.

Wooden knobs applied to front door latches.